DeChant, Jim

Jim DeChant

Vice President of Technology at News Press & Gazette Broadcasting (NPG)

Jim DeChant, Vice President of Technology at News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting, is active in the ATSC’s TG3 Technology Group and various specialist groups, building on his decades of experience in his native Oregon. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in telecommunications, DeChant’s career in the Beaver State began with Storer Cable in Portland where produced local commercials, operated live production vehicles for sporting and community events, and produced local origination programs of interest to the community. After 10 years with Storer, DeChant was hired by an entrepreneur to help build and operate a network of low power television (LPTV) facilities serving communities in Oregon and Washington. The network of LPTV stations eventually became the Telemundo affiliate for Portland and many surrounding areas in two states. His career then took him to full-power station, KTVZ, in Bend, Oregon, where he worked in operations, engineering and as a general manager. The News-Press & Gazette acquired KTVZ and, after several years, the company tapped DeChant to lead its technical operations and engineering activities, initially as a Director of Technical Operations and, ultimately, as VP of Technology.

Producing and Protecting Content in ATSC 3.0
Thursday, October 17 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM