Browning, Kye

Kye Browning

Conference Manager, XLIVE & XLIVE Esports Summit at Informa Markets

Kye Browning is a 10+ year veteran of the live event industry, getting his start producing shows in Chicago, Illinois before entering the esports space in 2013. He started his esports career organizing esports tournaments and LAN parties, and has since has established collegiate esports programs, created and produced a convention focused on table top and video gaming drawing in 35K attendees, and has advised numerous brands and non-endemic organizations how to enter and navigate the esports space. Browning currently works as the Conference Manager for XLIVE, an Informa Company, and is responsible for overseeing and curating educational and programmed content for both the XLIVE Esports Summit and the XLIVE Annual Conference, designed for professionals and executives in the esports and live experience industries respectively.

Digital Horizons: Fireside Chat Exploring the Broadcast of Esports
Thursday, October 17 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM