McElhinney, Laura B.

Laura B. McElhinney

Chief Data Officer at Horizon Media

As Chief Data Officer, Laura McElhinney is responsible for the technological architecture and daily quality assurance practice and processing of Horizon’s data warehouses, data lakes and data marts. Laura also leads a team of internal and external technology professionals to provide Horizon and their clients with comprehensive media and technology consulting services and solutions. As the media and advertising vertical is at the center of the big data world, Horizon must secure and process large volumes of data, from thousands of complexes, linked sources. Laura is tasked with the enhancement, creation and implementation of data technology platforms, systems and solutions that seamlessly integrate, analyze and distribute accurate client level data throughout all Horizon clients and account teams. Until recently, Laura was the North America head of all media technology at Havas Media, where she was responsible for the implementation, training and integrity of all systems, platforms and related applications. In this role, Laura led a team of technology and solution consultants responsible for all media system activations. Laura is married and, along with caring for her five children, is an avid skier and sports enthusiast. In her spare time, she also pursues her passions of cooking and music.

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