ATSC 3.0 Ad Targeting Update: Deployment Timetable and Monetization Potential

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Thursday, October 17 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM


N1011: Stage 2

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As more TV station groups roll out ATSC 3.0 functionality some of the Next Gen TV conversation is shifting from technical implementation to monetization potential. No other ATSC 3.0 feature has more financial potential than the ability to offer targeted advertising, a capability already enjoyed by cable, satellite, and OTT TV service providers. This panel will answer the questions, what will ATSC 3.0 ad targeting technology look like as full integrated system, and what potential could it have on media sales.

Three industry leaders who are directly involved in developing ad targeting capabilities for broadcast organizations will report on current targeting approaches being used and then look ahead to the technology and opportunities that will be possible once ATSC 3.0 is deployed." Through this discussion, a reality check will be offered by leading expert from the television media buying community who will talk about the financial potential ad targeted could bring to broadcasters and how other media might respond. 




Ed Busby
SVP Strategy
Tegna Media
Josh Gordon
TV Industry Strategist (Moderator)
The Josh Gordon Group
J.W. Linkenauger
VP Advanced Advertising Support Operations
Sinclair Broadcast Group
Mitch Oscar
Director, Advanced Television
U.S. International Media (USIM)
James Southern
Front Row Advisory LLC