A Next Generation IT/IP-centric Live Production Platform with Open Architecture

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Wednesday, October 16 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
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Live event production from broadcast programming to concerts and sporting events has left the cookie cutter system set ups behind, and event producers can offer - and must contend with - multiple independent linear streams as well as of a growing compliment of screen content to display at the event. HD, 3G, 12G sources and destinations must not only be prepared for, they may need to be handled in the same production environment. Purpose built video processing black-box type components will no longer stack up end to end without unacceptable latencies, and operators may come from different backgrounds and cannot be expected to come with proficiencies in the growing list of proprietary interfaces. Panasonic has been developing an open architecture system where all processing is GPU based and all the processing layers are performed in one step. Input/outputs are provisionable based on overall bandwidth and user interfaces follow best practices from popular desktop programs. This system is IP based at its core, following SMPTE 2110 protocols, but can also easily be adapted to support SDI (up to 12G).

This presentation will go over the overall architecture and get into some specifics on the first implementation which will feature a 2ME switcher interface complete with a Hardware panel from Panasonic. The implications to all production architecture of this approach will also be discussed.

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Michael Bergeron
Senior Product Manager, Broadcast Camera Systems
Panasonic System Solution company of North America

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