Virtual Linear Channels: TV is Dead, Long Live TV

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Wednesday, October 16 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
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Virtual linear channels are increasingly relevant in the race to differentiate consumer OTT services. A few factors are driving this push: OTT first linear workflows to the scale of thousands of channels separate from existing broadcast scheduling workflows and hardware; existing user and broadcaster viewing paradigms and patterns; and personalisation. Personalising experiences through a mix of targeted advertising, tailored recommendations, localisation, and content personalisation will be central to helping operators drive engagement and arrest subscriber churn. Tools to manage these personalised virtual channels will be an easy web-based scheduling/calendaring tool, editorially driven drag and drop playlist/channel creation, integration to recommendation engine(s), (ML/AI) for automatically targeted recommendations, use of SSAI and ad networks for targeted semi personal ads, and the ability to support blended live and VOD channels with the ability to override live feeds with local variants such as local evening news.


Stein Erik Sørhaug
VP Strategy
Vimond Media Solutions