QoE Snapshot: Video Services And Live TV Monitoring (Repeat)

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Thursday, October 17 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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Yoann Hinard, COO at Witbe, will present the result of Witbe's latest QoE Snapshot, analyzing live TV monitoring measurements of operators across the world, with a deep-dive look into the most important KPIs to monitor (channel change time, channel availability, guide availability, and metadata banner appearance), and the best-practices to monitor and troubleshoot issues that could arise in the field (unavailable channels, black screen, absence of sound...). Witbe's QoE Snapshots is a series of reports that tests digital services, with multiple configurations and in various environments, to provide a global overview their performance. Each Snapshot is composed of several analytical frames, highlighting interesting findings about the KPIs that were measured.


Yoann Hinard