Using the Cloud to Revolutionise Live News Coverage - A Case Study.

Connected Media IP 

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Thursday, October 17 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Graham Media Group, in partnership with the Google News Initiative, Washington Post Arc Publishing, and Amazon Web Services, built a set of web applications, infrastructure and workflows to enable large scale parallel live streaming from multiple input sources into a unified audience experience. This enabled our Orlando station (WKMG/ to cover the July 4th fireworks with more than 20 different streams coming from a wide variety of input sources (mobile phones, backpack units, static cameras, a 360 camera, helicopters), none of which needed to be routed back to the station to be delivered to the audience. The audience, in turn, was able to dynamically hop from stream to stream on any platform (mobile phones, computers, OTT devices, etc). This technology has subsequently been deployed for breaking news coverage, such as Hurricane Dorian - with unprecedented levels of audience engagement.


Jonathan Beard
Director of Digital Product Development
Graham Media