Digital Horizons: Fireside Chat Exploring the Broadcast of Esports

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Thursday, October 17 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
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In 2018, YouTube Gaming reported that viewers watched over 50 million hours of esports content. That should not come as a surprise with esports continuing to garner global mainstream attention, as well as the rise of "cord cutters." There are plenty of similarities among traditional sports and esports broadcast, but one thing setting esports apart is its ability to offer an interactive viewing experience through digital platforms through the likes of live chat features and controlling the viewing experience. Join us in this fireside chat as we explore the similarities, differences and opportunities that exist in the esports and broadcast landscapes.

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Kye Browning
Conference Manager, XLIVE & XLIVE Esports Summit
Informa Markets
Christie St. Martin
Director of Gaming
IMC: An Experience Studio

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