All That Foley

Stage 2 

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Wednesday, October 16 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM


N1011: Stage 2

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FX's limited series Fosse/Verdon wowed critics and the public with dazzling dance sequences, recreating choreography originally produced for stage and screen. Part of the magic derived from the meticulous work of the show's Foley team who were charged with mimicking the patter of footsteps, the swish of costumes and the creak of floors. In this session, Foley artists from Alchemy Post Sound will discuss their innovative work in helping bring to life the distinctive soundscapes of Hollywood and Broadway.


Leslie Bloome
Lead Foley Artist
Alchemy Post Sound
Ryan Collison
Lead Foley Mixer
Alchemy Post Sound
Joanna Fang
Foley Artist
Alchemy Post Sound
Linda Romanello
Editor in Chief (Moderator)
Post Magazine