Is That Real? Deepfakes and Trusted Content

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Thursday, October 17 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


N1172: Stage 1

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“Deepfake” refers to the process using computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manipulate videos or digital representations to make them seem real, even though they are not.  AI is becoming so good at this that it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fake, and experts are saying deepfakes could be indistinguishable from real content within the next six months, with few ways to detect them.  When combined with smart phones, ubiquitous connectivity and social media platforms this fake content can spread like wildfire and potentially find its way into legitimate newscasts.  This has serious consequences for journalists, broadcast newsrooms, and our society.  Join this panel of experts to explore the evolution of deepfakes, including many examples, and a discussion of strategies for how to prepare for and deal with them. 


Padraic Cassidy
Editor for News Technology
Patricia Georgiou
Head of Partnerships and Business Development
Jareen Imam
Director of Social Newsgathering
NBC News
Clete Johnson
Partner (Moderator)
Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP
Hao Li
CEO/Associate Professor/Director, Creative Technologies
Pinscreen/University So Cal/USC Institute